Ginobili hasn’t ruled out return to Italy


As his teammate Tony Parker of the San Antonio Spurs prepares for his first game with the French club ASVEL, Manu Ginobili is leaving the door open for a return to a place he’s familiar with as well.

Ginobili has been offered deals from numerous teams but the one team he was only really considering was the former Italian club he played with before becoming a Spur, Virtus Bologna.

As he was training back home in Argentina, ESPN Brazil caught an interview with Ginobili in which he says he hasn’t ruled out the possibility of returning to play in Italy during the lockout.

“Quando chegar o momento de decidir, vou pensar. Não é o que eu mais gostaria de fazer no momento, entretanto também não descarto. Não sabemos quando irá voltar à temporada da NBA, se é que vai voltar”, disse Ginóbili.

Translation: “When it comes time to decide, I think. It’s not what I most like to do today, however did not rule out. We do not know when it will return to the NBA season, it’s going back,” Ginobili said.

For Spurs fans and management, they’ll be hoping Ginobili stays in Argentina and continues train while not risking injury. But as Parker said on Monday from France, training individually can only take your body so far, you need steady-competitive basketball to stay in “game shape” if and when the lockout ends.