Games of the Week (12/22-12/27)

A look ahead at the Spurs games for the week.
Date: Monday, December 22 (7:30)
Team: Sacramento Kings (H)
Why you should care: It seems like most of the Spurs wins have been against the bottom feeders of the NBA. The Kings are one of those bottom feeders. The Spurs have to win these types of games, especially with Kevin Martin listed as day-to-day with an ankle injury. Without Martin the Kings don’t have a real go-to scorer. With nine teams fighting for eight playoff spots, San Antonio can’t afford to give up this game.
Date: Tuesday, December 23 (7:30)
Team: Minnesota Timberwolves (H)
Why you should care: Another one of these bottom-feeders, the 4-22 Timberwolves come to San Antonio on a 12 game losing streak. The Spurs should make that 13. However, the Spurs can’t be looking ahead at the big game with the Suns. Al Jefferson is a nice player and Randy Foye is a decent point guard, but the rest of the team is weak. Hopefully this game is over early on, but the first two games between these two teams, both Spurs wins, have been closer than most Spurs fans would have liked.
Date: Thursday, December 25 (1:30)
Team: Phoenix Suns (A)
Why you should care: It’s Nash versus Parker! Stoudemire versus Duncan! Pop versus D’anton….err…Porter! Christmas Day! NBA on ABC! Okay, so I’m a little excited for this game. It feels like something is missing from the rivalry now that D’antoni is gone, but these two teams and players have too much history and blood shed for much to change. With the race for the playoffs looking like it will be tight again, this is a huge game. The Suns will have had five days off, so they will be rested and ready, but you know the Spurs will be up to the challenge. So unwrap some presents and settle in for a great afternoon Christmas game.

Date: Saturday, December 27 (7:30)
Team: Memphis Grizzlies (H)
Why you should care: The Grizzlies had a nice four game win streak recently, even if one of those wins came against the Thunder. They have a nice collection of young talent, especially Rudy Gay and O.J. Mayo, and shouldn’t be overlooked. If you haven’t seen Mayo yet, you are missing out. This young man can score and should contend for scoring titles later in his career. His jump shot is so smooth, and he does a great job finding space to uncork it.