Project Spurs Western Conference Power Rankings — Top 5 Teams


Western Conference Top 5 teams for the week of December 22, 2008.

1.  Lakers — Is this team losing some steam?  They lost to the Magic and lost to the Heat.  Also Farmar is injured thus depleting their bench.  Still this team is still th ebest in the West but another team is right on their tails!

2.  Hornets — Beating the Spurs and going 11-2 over their last games, this team is rising after coming out of the gates very slow.  If this team gets it act together, watch out Lakers and the rest of the NBA.

3.  Rockets — Have you been noticing Yao’s nnumbers in the past few games?  Again injuries ar eplaying a huge part for the Rockets.  The Big-3 of the Rockets have only played 17 games together but they are winning more on the road than at home.

4.  Spurs — Losing to the Hornets and getting spanked versus the Magic, you have to wonder if this team is the real deal?  They beat the bottom-feeders of the NBA but can’t hang with the best in the league.  Lucky for this team, there are no back-to-backs in the playoffs. . . that’s if they make it.

5.  Blazers — B. Roy has been tearing up teams lately, ask the Suns after he dropped 52 on them.  Blazers are getting production at the guard position but the word on Oden is still out.