Ex-Spur Bowen supports Popovich for next U.S. head coach


Now that the Olympics are over and Team U.S.A. walked off with their second gold medal in a row after defeating Spain, the biggest hole to fill for the 2016 Rio Games is head coach.

Mike Krzyzewski has stated this was his last run with Team U.S.A. as head coach and many are looking at Celtics’ Doc Rivers and San Antonio Spurs’ Gregg Popovich as the frontrunners to replace Coach K and that includes former Spur Bruce Bowen.

“I’m in support of whoever is the coach and of course I’d love to see Gregg Popovich get an opportunity to represent our country especially given the fact that he spent time in Air Force and so I’d love to see that. At the same time however, the US delegation selects the coach and they will do their best to make sure we have someone who will represent the country and the game the way it should be. When you talk about the Olympics, I don’t think there is anyone who is upset with another coach’s opportunity to do something like that.”

Is there any other obvious choice than Pop to take over the reigns as coach? He coaches many international players with the Spurs, is one of the most respected and admired coaches in the NBA, and has championship pedigree that Team U.S.A. will need in Rio.

He also would come in with much experience. Popovich served on the coaching staff for the U.S. national team in the 2002 FIBA World Championship, at the 2003 FIBA America Men’s Olympic Qualifying Tournament, and the 2004 Olympic Games, where the U.S. won a bronze medal.

However, there is that whole issue with supposed animosity between Jerry Colangelo and Pop but I am sure they can brush that under the rug and go for a third gold medal in a row in 2016.