Roundtable: Spurs Olympic performances (Video)


After a month-long break, this week we are back with a new episode of the Roundtable powered by Project Spurs.

On this episode, Jeff Garcia, Bob Gambert and I analyzed the performances of the six players that participated in the Olympics. We came away very impressed, as always, by Manu Ginobili and feel Patty Mills might have raised his stock a bit with great poise and leadership with Australia that could lead to a bigger role next season.

After discussing all six players, we talked about the latest rumors involving Wizards free agent Andray Blatche possibly coming to the San Antonio Spurs. We talked about Blatche’s previos troubles on and off the court, but said Spurs coach Gregg Popovich would be the coach to rein him in.

To finish off the show, we talked about the Dwight Howard trade and what the Spurs will have to do to adjust to that trade and compete next season.

Thanks, as always, to Bob and the News4WOAI production team for their work in producing the show.