De Colo: France played with intensity versus Argentina


After falling to the United States on Sunday in Olympic play, San Antonio Spurs rookie-to-be Nando DeNDC Colo and France were able to earn a win as they defeated De Colo’s future teammate Manu Ginobili, and his country Argentina.

De Colo showed a lot more production in his second Olympic game as he supplied 11 points off the bench, most notably his shooting from the outside. After the game, De Colo discussed with why his team was more focused Tuesday and how France was more familiar playing against Argentina as opposed to the Americans. 

De Colo on whether the French were worried after being blown out by the Americans.

Nando De Colo: No, because we knew we had not made ​​a good first game. In training we were focused on what to do today and it showed on the field, we put a lot of intensity and everyone was really into the game.

De Colo then discussed why his past with New York Knicks rookie-to-be Pablo Prigioni was factor in the game.

Yes, we knew it was a team that played very differently from Americans, who play a lot more about attacks placed. They have five players who play more than 30 minutes so they can not run on any one game. I personally know very well the leader, Prigioni, because we play in ACB so I know his game He organizes his team very well and they are strong but behind it was well controlled everything.

Lastly, De Colo discussed how tough it was for his team to defend and contain Ginobili as much as possible.

(Smiles) It’s a player who takes a lot of screens, we tried to do something about it but it did not market too. But the main thing is we managed to control their team in general. Ginobili made ​​if after his match but it stops the other, it’s not too serious. I think it was well managed Scola. In the first half Ronny did a great taf on him and he was tired. After he puts baskets because it’s a great player, but overall it was well controlled.

De Colo and France are now 1-1 in Olympic play, they’ll face Lithuania on Thursday, though arguably their two toughest opponents are already out of the way in Group A.