Larry Brown on his memories with the Spurs


Larry Brown has coached for seven different teams since he left the San Antonio Spurs, but he will never be forgotten in San Antonio because of the legacy he left behind. Brown is one of the great men in basketball history, not just because of what he’s accomplished but also because of the type of person he is.

Brown will always praise others before himself, and he holds his San Antonio colleagues in the highest esteem. He brought guys like Gregg Popovich and R.C. Buford to the Spurs, but he just seems humbled to have been part of their lives.

“The greatest gift I’ve had is the people I’ve been allowed to coach, the people who coached me, the guys who coached with me and seeing their success and what they’ve been able to accomplish,” Brown said. “When I watch what Gregg’s done, how well respected he is, maybe the best coach in our game, and then I see what R.C. has been able to accomplish, what Red [McCombs] started and built and what he meant to me in my life, it’s great. That’s the nicest thing for me. I once had a little tree with a few branches, and now I’ve got a forest of people. It’s been fun.”

The kind words continue as Brown goes on about his San Antonio experience in his interview with Spurs Nation. He talks about his relationship with Coach Pop and how he actually “cut his ass” once when Pop tried out for the Nuggets. Luckily the two were able to get over that and Pop was actually the best man at Brown’s wedding.

Brown also comments on coaching David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

It’s a great interview on such a great guy. I’m sure Spurs fans will all be wishing Larry Brown the best of luck as he continues his journeyman career at Southern Methodist University.