Bosh: We must own up to our decisions


cbThis time last year, the Miami Heat had become one of the most talked about basketball team’s when superstars LeBron James and Chris Bosh decided to take their talents to South Beach to play alongside Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat. However, the way James handled his departure from Cleveland may have been handled wrong while Bosh got some flack for leaving Toronto though not in the same magnitude as James.

One held a franchise hostage by waiting until the last minute and crushing an entire city’s hopes on T.V., and the other gave the franchise some hope he was returning only to join Miami. James received the most criticism as he publicly televised a spectacle, “The Decision”, live on ESPN. Bosh had made his announcement public a few days earlier.

Now looking back, Bosh has now began to reconsider how he and James handled their decisions, but he also says it’s a move they must learn from.

“I say you own up to it. We all make mistakes. I think anybody would be kidding themselves if they thought they were perfect at anything. I mean why change it? We’ve already went through with everything. Whether good or bad, whether it was a good decision or bad decision, or we should have done this, could of done that, if we would of done this. We are here now. Everything has happened, so let’s just own up to it. Yeah we did it. Yes. If it was a mistake? If I see it as a mistake and here’s the reasons why, but here’s the reasons why it is going to help us in the long run.”

If their run to the NBA Finals this past season is any indication, then perhaps it was a good decision for the two to jump to Miami. Had they came up short or failed terribly, then their critics would be more vocal. There is nothing they can do to remove the negative feelings left behind in Cleveland and Toronto. Those fans will always view them as public enemies.

However, should they win a title together, well, winning has a funny way of making people forget the past.

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