Apparently Jason Terry is no stranger to humility after all


Apparently now that Dallas Mavericks guard Jason Terry has won a NBA championship, he no longer Jason Terryhas to vent his frustrations in the form of endless smack talk through the media.

Either that, or someone gave him an extra large serving of humble pie.

In a recent interview with Jeff Caplan of ESPN Dallas, Terry was…wait for it…complimentary of his club’s rival team down south, the San Antonio Spurs.

Aside from opining on the NBA lockout and the Mavs’ draft-day trade for Rudy Fernandez among other topics, when asked who he saw as the favorites in a very competitive Western Conference next season, Terry listed the Spurs, who he said would be “licking their chops” considering their early playoff exit after one of the better regular seasons in team history.

The Lakers have the same team unless they make any kind of trade. New coach, same team. They got to be one of the ones. And then don’t forget about San Antonio, who had the best record in the NBA. Those guys are going to be licking their chops. Don’t think [Gregg] Popovich is just going to lay down. I don’t even think they’re going to put us in the top three or even four because you’ve got Oklahoma City, who’s a young team. Memphis showed you they’re on the rise. There’s four teams in the West alone that I can really see analysts putting them before us. So that’s motivation in itself.

I must say, after a season in which Terry’s name appeared in our headlines more than we’d like for his venom-tongued diatribes, this is a nice change of pace.

But knowing Terry, I wouldn’t expect him to make it a habit. As the saying goes, if you don’t have anything good to say, Jason Terry will say it for you…or something like that.