Parker kicks off French soccer game


The saying, “To the victor goes the spoils” couldn’t have a better meaning than for San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker after leading the French national team to silver at the Eurobasket 2011 tournament and securing a spot at the 2012 Olympic games for France. 

According to the French site, Parker kicked off the Paris Saint-Germain vs. Nice soccer match on Wednesday.

Tony Parker, the star of the basketball team of France, will kick off the PSG-Nice on Wednesday in 19 hours . The playmaker of the San Antonio Spurs is an avid supporter of PSG , its “core team.”

It’s good to see Parker taking a break from basketball and participating in other events. Though the NBA lockout still doesn’t have an end date, Parker will need to rest up and make sure he’s healthy should the season miraculously start in October. 

Check out Parker getting things started at the game.