Spurs Dunk Of The Decade


We’ve looked at Spurs “Team of the Decade,” “Players of the Decade,” “Underrated Players of the Decade,” and “All Decade Team.” Today Project Spurs continues its look back with the Spurs “Dunk of the Decade.”

The dunk. Just worth two points but it can send a powerful message to the opposing team. It can tell a defender to think twice if going for the block or it can make an entire arena of fans get up and out of their seats.

From 2000-2009, the Spurs have had players who brought fans up off their seats with a monster dunk and had their fair share of posterizing opposing players in this past decade.

With so many memorable dunks from the Spurs this past decade, we here at Project Spurs complied some of the best. The selections were tough with so many worthy dunks.

We narrowed it down to power of the dunk, the “wow factor” of the dunk, and if it was just flat out nasty!

And now we leave it up to you to decide.¬† So in no particular order, here are your candidates for “Spurs Dunk of the Decade”.

Richard Jefferson Posterizes Greg Oden


Tim Duncan Crushes Ben Wallace


Matt Bonner Dunks on the Toronto Raptors


Manu Ginobili Demolishes Hilton Armstrong


Malik Rose Climbs Mount Mutombo (see spot number eight in video)


Manu Ginobili Dunks on the Lakers


Robert Horry Dunks in the 2005 NBA Finals


Well Spurs fans, there are your candidates. And they say the Spurs are boring to watch!

It was tough leaving out dunks like Finley’s smashing one on Dampier. Even Manu’s dunk on Yao Ming but quite frankly, we had to leave out Manu’s dunk on Ming or the debate would be dominated by Manu dunks.

So there are your candidates and now you decide which dunk will be crowned “Spurs Dunk of the Decade.”¬† Leave us your comments and go vote on the poll.