What’s wrong with Timmy?


I had this conversation over instant messenger the other day with a friend who runs another NBA team fansite, Somewhere in our talks about how the Celtics are looking great early on and how I am looking like a fool for picking the Wizards as a top four team in the east came this question.

What’s up with Timmy?

Initially, I asked what in the world he was talking about and he replied with, “all of his stats are down pretty much across the board…I was expecting he’d be an MVP candidate this year and he’s looking mediocre.”

I was pretty puzzled until I remembered that he’s not a Spurs fan and only watches the Spurs when they are facing his team or is able to catch any Spurs highlights on Sportscenter.

I’ve actually heard this from a few people recently, including Spurs fans, so if you’re looking for a short answer, Tim Duncan is unselfish.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve watched any Spurs games recently, especially the clinic they gave to the Lakers yesterday, you will have seen that Tim doesn’t have to put up his usual double-double numbers for the Spurs to win. That was apparent last night as Duncan scored five points in a blowout win.

Just as Duncan left $11 million on the table when he signed his extension, he’s more than happy to pass the ball and could care less about his stats as long as the Spurs are winning. That’s quite refreshing in a time when the national sports shows budget so much of their air time to the latest in the Kobe saga or talking about how Stephon Marbury turned into an infant when he was approached about coming off the bench.

Want another reason? Tony Parker is taking over. If you didn’t know that by now, consider this your warning before he and the Spurs go through your city.

Parker shredded through the Lakers defense like colby jack last night and he has in just about every game this season while also staying accurate on his jumper and dishing the ball.

With Manu Ginobili having a career year and when you get double figures from Michael Finley, Bruce Bowen and Matt Bonner, does Duncan really need to put up 20 plus points a night?

If Duncan is able to lift up another Larry O’Brien trophy at the end of this season while averaging career lows, will anyone ask what’s wrong with him then?

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