Warriors, Rockets, Nets meeting with Chandler


Because Mark Cuban isn’t afraid to spend it’s still unclear if Tyson Chandler’s days in Dallas are numbered, but judging by his itinerary, the Mavs’ center was serious when he said he’s not sure he’s returning to the team.

ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting Chandler is planning to meet with Golden State, Houston and New Jersey this week.

“With little movement in the talks in the days since, sources say that Golden State, Houston and New Jersey have emerged as the most serious suitors for Chandler, who is widely credited with changing the defensive culture in Dallas and combining with Mavs mainstay Dirk Nowitzki to spark the franchise to its first-ever championship.”

If it were just a matter of outbidding someone for Chandler’s services, I think it’d be a no brainer that the Mavs would have their starting center in place. In addition to stiffer luxury tax penalties that are coming, Stein also reports that the Mavs want to be part of the Dwight Howard, Chris Paul and Deron Williams sweepstakes next summer. That’s probably the main reason Cuban wants to stay away from breaking the bank on Chandler. Jason Kidd and Jason Terry both come off the books next summer, so signing Tyson Chandler to a big, long term deal would essentially negate one of those contracts expiring (and then some).

I think I speak for all San Antonio Spurs fans across the globe when I say Chandler, you go get your money. The Bay Area is a lovely place. So is Houston. So is Newark, NJ. Go get paid, big man.