Warriors’ Bogut says he’s top three center when healthy

Following yet another NBA season that saw the Golden State Warriors Center, Andrew Bogut struggle with injuries and miss scores of games, the often sidelined player is now claiming that he is finally 100 percent and ready to go.
In the last two NBA seasons alone, Andrew has missed 104 of 148 games. Last season, he suffered several setbacks from his previous microfracture surgery on his ankle.
It became clear by the fourth game of the season, Bogut was still not ready, and he ended the regular season only having played in 32 games.
Although Andrew was still not all the way recovered, he did manage to enter the playoffs with his fellow Warriors, and help his team clinch a first round win over the Denver Nuggets in a game six in which he scored 14 points and corralled an impressive 21 rebounds.
By game six in round two versus the Spurs, Bogut was once again forced to sit on the bench, barely able to move, and watch as his team was eliminated from the playoffs.
Bogut and many of his fellow Warriors are already working out in preparation for a looming training camp. From the Warriors training facility, Bogut recently commented on his current health.
"I haven't had any restrictions since July. Five-on-five, three-on-three, four-on-four, conditioning drills, running, jumping, weights — no restrictions. It's been a great feeling to come into a gym and not have a trainer tell me, 'You can only do 30 minutes. You can only do this. You can only do that.' … Very happy to not hear that."
In addition to proclaiming that he is finally once again at 100 percent, Bogut also claimed that he considers himself a top-3 center in the NBA, though he qualified that statement.
"Yeah … when healthy," he said. "And I'm healthy now."
I'm all for a player having self confidence, but is Andrew going a bit far claiming to be top-3? With players like Dwight Howard, Marc Gasol, Brook Lopez, Hibbert, Horford, Noah and San Antonio Spurs' Tim Duncan (who many consider a C), sure to be high on that list, I would disagree and rank Bogut around the end of a top 10 list.
What is your take on Andrew and his ranking Spurs fans?