Video: Tony Parker dunks off alley oop pass during celebrity game


In his 12 years in the NBA, San Antonio Spurs has rarely dunked in a game. His most memorable dunk was versus Houston early in his NBA career but since then, Parker finishing at the rim has been a rare sight on the court.

Until now.

Parker is usually the one setting up players for alley oop dunks but this time, he was on the receiving end.  TP hosted a celebrity all-star game in France and during the game he finished at the rim with a sweet dunk off an alley oop pass. After, he looked surprised he flushed down a dunk when talking to a reporter.

Check out the rare sight on No. 9 slamming one down. Though I hope he doesn't push his body too hard this offseason. Between these exhibition games, and playing for Team France this summer, let's hope he is well-rested heading into Spurs training camp.