Video: Spurs, Thunder fans fight in the stands


It seems there was also some action in the stands at the AT&T Center as well on the court during the San Antonio Spurs-Oklahoma City Thunder game last night.

During the game Spurs and Thunder fans got into an altercation when apparently a Spurs fan held a Spurs jersey in front of the face of a Thunder fan (h/t Sports Grid) and the fireworks commenced.

Come on Spurs fans. The team is up 2-0 in the series, devastating teams during the playoff run and have bested OKC in both games. Sure, I know smack-talk and some ribbing between fans of opposing teams is normal but this is taking it too far.

The Spurs are a classy organization so let’s also be classy in the AT&T Center. Let’s leave the idiocy to the other team’s fanbase.