Video: Splitter hits the weight room, benches a mere 135 lbs.


As a center in the NBA, one would think they would have to put on some muscle to battle the likes of bruisers such as Dwight Howard, Nene, and Marc Gasol. Well maybe not for San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter.

Splitter, who is in London for the 2012 Olympics playing for Team Brazil, was filmed hitting the weight room and pumping out some iron on the bench press. But for a guy listed at 6-11, 232 pounds, you would think he would be tossing up some major weight in anticipation of going against some big guys in the Olympics basketball tournament. Right?

Check out Tiago on the bench press pushing up a measly 135 pounds including the bar weighing in at 45 pounds.

OK I get it, maybe he doesn’t want to bulk up and want to be more of a fluid and quick center. But considering the Spurs do not have a dominant, physical presence in the paint next to Tim Duncan, I would hope Splitter would be adding some size considering San Antonio is looking for a physical center.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? Think you can out-bench Splitter?