Video: Lorbek remains uncertain about joining Spurs


It’s no secret the San Antonio Spurs need size. After Tim Duncan and Tiago Splitter, San Antonio lacks in size. Matt Bonner and DeJuan Blair are goos but still not what the Spurs need when it comes playoff time.

The Spurs did try to address this lack of size by looking at players such as Kenyon Martin and Chris Kaman but neither panned out unless New Orleans buys out Kaman and the Spurs make a run at him.

But if the Spurs do not add another big this season, could 6’10” center Erazem Lorbek be the answer to the Spurs needs next season? Maybe.

Lorbek, whose rights were acquired via a 2011 draft day trade with the Pacers for George Hill, and his team FC Barcelona Regal participated in the 2012 Copa Del Rey and spoke on possibly coming to San Antonio this summer but remains indecisive (at the 2:20 point of video below).

It is also interesting to note Spurs’ scouts were there to take in the action.


Lorbek averaged 14.9 points, 5 rebounds, shot 64% from the field in 15 games with FC Barcelona Regal. 

What do you think Spurs fans? Can Lorbek be the big the Spurs desperately need or are you convinced he will never wear the Spurs uniform?