Video: Ian Mahinmi kisses his biceps & is superfly


I don’t even know where to begin with this video but here I go.

Dallas Mavericks and former San Antonio Spurs player Ian Mahinmi is apparently “superfly.”

And by “superfly” I mean Ian is parading around in a robe, working out with very light weights, kissing his biceps, getting a massage on a rooftop and more in a promotional video for One Million Dollar Film production company.

As if getting verbally blistered by Tony Parker wasn’t enough, I am sure this will just give Spurs fans more fodder to point and laugh at Ian.

Sure I get it, it’s supposed to be a jokey video and Ian is being a good-sport but come on! Ian did you really have to kiss your biceps for the camera while working out in a towel-shorts?

Check out Mahinmi being “superfly” and being a pretty-boy in the video below including Ian meeting up with clones of himself in a bar. It’s a very cringe-worthy video so you have been warned.