Vegas odds on Spurs winning another title not looking good


The NBA season is over, and with the looming NBA lockout, it will be quite a while until San Antonio Spurs fans see the men in sliver and black back on the hardwood.

However, the looming lockout still hasn’t stopped Vegas from giving the Spurs’ odds at winning a fifth title next season, if there is one:

NBA odds start with Miami  at 2/1 followed by Chicago as a 6/1 choice. Then it’s the Thunder, Lakers and Mavericks all at 7/1 rounding out the Top 5. The Celtics are lined at 8/1 while another perceived ‘old’ team, the San Antonio Spurs are 15/1.

“Old” team huh? Well sure the Spurs’ core might be getting up there in age but the Spurs as a whole are younger than seasons past.

Regardless, I can’t really see anything wrong with the teams ahead of the Spurs. Dallas won the title, and the rest of the teams are young, up-and-coming teams, that are poised to supplant the old guard of the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics.

Thoughts Spurs fans? Like the odds Vegas gave or feel the Spurs’ title hopes are all but over?