Update: Manu and Real Madrid


Yesterday, it was reported that Real Madrid was to enter the bidding war for Manu Ginobili’s services after this season when his current contract with the Spurs is up.

However, just when Spurs fans were thinking the worst and starting to believe Ginobili’s chances of resigning with the team were continuing to diminish, comes this good news from Ginobili’s agent, Herb Rudoy, via the San Antonio Express News:

Of course, whether Real Madrid is really prepared to make such an offer is also irrelevant. Ginobili’s agent, Herb Rudoy, has said that his client has no interest whatsoever in playing anywhere but the NBA next season. Not for all the euros in Europe.

At least Spurs fans do not have to worry about Real Madrid but there is still the issue of whether the team will resign him. Question is for how much and for how long? 

Ginobili has been playing better of late and if you are another NBA team with the cap-space to use this summer, then he is looking well worth any contract offer.

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