Spurs Twitter Roundup: Missing Hill, bachelorhood, and more


It has been an eventful couple of weeks for the San Antonio Spurs as they add new players through the draft, traded away a fan favorite in George Hill and not to mention the NBA lockout.

As far as the trade of Hill, the players reacted to this news as well via their personal Twitter pages.

DeJuan45 IM SICK SWEAR IMMA MISS MY BRO!! @George_Hill3 

manuginobili Jorge Colina (aka @George_Hill3), it was great to play w u these yrs but it was better to know u. Enjoy home & c u soon! 

George_Hill3 To be honest today at George Hill Rising Star Camp, the kids brought tears to my eyes for a second. I’m gonna miss SA but God has plans!!!!!


George_Hill3 Big S/O 2 my lil bro @DeJuan45 for everythin! It’s been a great 2 years workin together and creatin a bond that’s unbreakable #BigAndSmallz 

DeJuan45 S/O to my big Lil bro @George_Hill3 lol had great memories bro u da man stay that way and do u like u kno how bro’s 4 life and I’ll deck u! 

Yeah, I’m not sure what that means either.

And….The New Guy

tiagosplitter @george_Hill3 good luck in Indy G!!! 

Manu Ginobili: Future GM? 

Quick, someone give Manu the stats on the new rook.

manuginobili Spursfans, need info on Cory Joseph. I’m not on the computer now. Position, size, age, college, strenghts… Thx!!! 

Come on R.C., help a brother out.

Summer Vacay

The guys are still enjoying their summer off.  

manuginobili My dog Ciru thinking “safety first”! He’s now learning how to buckle the belt.http://lockerz.com/s/109412260

tp9network Firts time in Wimbledon !!! So much fun !!!http://say.ly/UulrB7

TheDaSeanButler @ the silver Stars game w/ the homie @kevo4523 n @George_Hill3 showin my homies D Rob n Porsha play! #LetsGoStars

tiagosplitter Going to Brazil, to my hometown next week!!

Don’t get too comfy there, Tiago.  The lockout won’t last forever….we hope.

tp9network A Eurodisney aujourd’hui ! http://say.ly/TnGrLl

TheDaSeanButler Enjoyed Six Flags n the water park 2day….! Especially seein Porky Pig 2day!

tp9network Black eyed peas au Stade de France !!!http://say.ly/hybrNV

Er….Does anyone else think Tony seems to be taking a lot a vacations?

GNeal14 Spurs Basketball Camp http://twitpic.com/5icbko

DGreen_14 Shud I do this transformers thing at midnight?

For the record, he did do the Transformers thing at midnight.

Your Weekly DeJuan

DeJuan is single.

DeJuan45 IM SINGLE!!! 

Thanks for the heads up D….

Dejuan45 Being SINGLE is a good feeling, no drama, and no heartaches. But, sometimes it gets lonely and you miss that feeling of being taken. O Well! 

Ok, now we might be over-sharing a bit.  And now the question that we are asking…

DeJuan45  I wonder wat my followers say after they read my Tweets!!!! Send me some expressions! If yaw want!! Lol 

I would DeJuan, but I am still trying to translate your tweets.