Turner expected to play and Hawes admires Duncan


After complaining of back spasm against the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia 76ers’ Evan Turner is expected to play tonight against the San Antonio Spurs:

“I’ll get it situated right now,” Turner said after playing 13 minutes and scoring two points. “It just spasm-ed up on me. I’ll be ready to roll. It just spasm-ed up. I woke up today and I took a nap and I woke up again and it started hurting. I’m going to have it checked out again and I will be ready for Friday.”

Tonight’s matchup also pits Sixers’ big man Spencer Hawes against Spurs’ big man Tim Duncan; however, Hawes grew up admiring Duncan:

“He was a guy I thought my game was similar to,” Hawes said. “I could really try to emulate some of the things he was doing. I think his skill set was something I always admired and always tried to copy to a certain degree.”

(source dailylocal.com)