Tracy McGrady says with Ginobili struggling in Finals, he could’ve help

It seems not only former Spur DeJuan Blair thought he could have helped the San Antonio Spurs win the NBA Championship. Apparently another former player on the Spurs bench thought he could have contributed as well.
This time Tracy McGrady told ESPN’s First Take the following.
"When we were in the Finals and Manu [Ginobili] was struggling, I felt I could contribute, absolutely," McGrady said.
I guess it’s nice to know that McGrady still had his competitive juices flowing, but he knew his role was to be the insurance policy, meaning he would only see significant minutes if someone went down. For a player that was in China the whole season and a free agent until the final week of the regular season, McGrady apparently thought he had more left in the tank than any NBA teams thought collectively.
If only a rebound or a couple of bounces would have gone the Spurs’ way, we wouldn’t have heard any of these comments. It’s not like the Spurs were completely shellacked. They took the widely regarded best team in the NBA, in their prime, to the absolute brink. So to think that two players in McGrady and Blair, players who didn’t see much time at all, could have changed the outcome seems a little suspect.
McGrady has since announced his retirement from the NBA, and will possibly pursue another year of play in China.
Spurs fans still can come to their own conclusions. What do you guys think?