Top 5 Power Forwards in the 2023 NBA Draft with Highlights

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We are making our way through the top players at each position group heading into the 2023 NBA Draft. We’ve got point guards, shooting guards, and small forwards so far. So naturally, it’s time for the power forwards, of which there should be plenty.

Top Power Forwards For The 2023 NBA Draft

1. Brandon Miller (Alabama)

The 6-foot-9, 200-pound Alabama freshman might be the smoothest power forward in the draft. His two biggest downsides are his age (he will be 20 by draft time) and his inconsistency from deep. Having said that, early in his Crimson Tide era he is hitting over 50% of his triples and on volume with about seven attempts a game. He can post up smaller defenders and he can defend multiple positions as well.

He can get to his midrange jumper quite easily and knows how to take slower defenders off the dribble. He can play on the wing and often does, but is still big enough to play as a power forward when needed. This will help him in what is becoming a more positionless NBA and should make Alabama more dangerous as the season continues.

2. Jarace Walker (Houston)

The 6-foot-8, 240-pound freshman is an absolute menace on the boards. He plays with all 240 of his pounds and knows how to move as well. It’s not a hefty weight he carries as he is strong and moves incredibly well. It doesn’t hurt that he has a major plus wingspan as well. It allows him to defend and collect blocks at a rate higher than it should be for someone his height.

Walker has a pretty slow shot right now and needs lots of space to get it off. However, that can be fixed with some patience and practice. If he can show some improvement throughout the season, that should help him out going into the draft. His intangible skills are top notch though as he is an ultimate glue guy and plays whatever role his team needs him to and he does it without complaint.

3. Gregory “GG” Jackson (South Carolina)

The 6-foot-9, 215-pound forward has been flying under the radar this season because South Carolina is not particularly good and he reclassified from the 2023 class pretty late. However, he is an excellent athlete and does a little bit of everything for the Gamecocks.

He’s another positionless forward who can play out on the wing and possibly post up a little bit. His shot is coming along, although his free throw shooting percentage leaves a bit to be desired. He is hitting 40% of his shots from downtown and is hitting 46% overall from the floor. If his shooting can stay consistent while his usage rate inevitably goes up throughout the season, he will make a nice case to move up into the lottery.

4. Arthur Kaluma (Creighton)

The 6-foot-7, 225-pound sophomore was bound for a breakout year this season. It hasn’t quite fully formed yet, but he has shown some progress. He is shooting better from deep this season, but not by much. He will have to show some more improvement before he cements himself into this ranking for the season.

Kaluma is a strong forward who can post up and is solid in the midrange. He should get opportunities to show some creativity with other good players running with him in Ryan Kalkbrenner and Baylor Scheierman. He won’t have to create a whole lot for himself and he shouldn’t, so his efficiency should see a climb the rest of the season as he settles into his role.

5. Kris Murray (Iowa)

The 6-foot-8, 220-pound forward is already taking after his brother only six games into his junior season. He’s shouldered the scoring load, averaging over 19 points a game and shooting exceptionally well on high volume. That includes 38.2% on triples and 49.4% from the floor overall.

Murray isn’t quite the same creator for himself as his brother was as he needs a little help to get his offense at times. However, he is a good ball handler who has a little more than straight line drives to his game. He boards the ball well and gets some extra effort buckets too. He does a little bit of everything, but the knock against him is mainly his age.

What is your list of the top power forwards in the 2023 NBA draft?



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