Top 10 Spurs nicknames: Part 1


Normally with a team like the Spurs, whom other NBA fans call boring, you think you’d really have to dig for some good nicknames of current and former players and Spurs teams. But going through the Spurs history database, stored between my cerebrum and temporal lobe, I was able to find some really cool nicknames. Here are my top 5, in no particular order.
Artis Gilmore
1. The A-Train
Often forgotten as one of the most dominating centers of the ABA and early NBA years is Artis Gilmore. Gilmore, who was nicknamed the A-Train for his dominating style of play, averaged 22.3 points and 17 rebounds a game during his ABA tenure. In his NBA career, he averaged 17 points and 10 rebounds a game, but somehow has yet to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame.
2. The Admiral
Speaking of dominating centers, the Spurs have not and possibly will not ever see a more dominating center in silver & black than David Robinson. Nicknamed the Admiral because of his Naval Academy background, Robinson is a two-time NBA Champion, three-time Olympic Gold medalist and has career averages of 21.1 points, 10.6 rebounds, 3 blocks and 1.4 steals per game.
3. The Little General
The Little General is more than an obscure movie released in 1912. It is best known as the nickname for the 5-11, 185 lb. point guard with the southern twang, Avery was cut from the Spurs several times, but kept coming back for more, until he made a career in San Antonio from 93-01. Perhaps best known for the shot that won the Spurs their first championship in 1999, Avery was a second coach to his teammates and one of the most vocal point guards the Spurs have ever had.
4. The Twin Towers
Ralph Sampson and Hakeem Olajuwon were originally known as the twin towers in Houston from 1984-88, but David Robinson and Tim Duncan took over from 1997-2003. Having two seven-footers manning the paint provided the Spurs with likely the best frontcourt combo in the NBA, and it also made for a lot of blocked shots. The Spurs won two championships during the Twin Towers’ reign in San Antonio.
5. Ice or The Iceman
Of all the Spurs nicknames, this is, in my opinion, the coolest one of all. George Gervin, nicknamed “the Iceman” for his cool demeanor on the court, makes Chuck Liddell look like a wannabe. The original Iceman was a sight in the old Hemisfair days. A lanky 6-7 shooting guard, Gervin had career NBA averages of 26.2 points and 4.6 rebounds and will always be remembered for his silky-smooth fingerroll.
Come back for part two of this series later this week, and feel free to submit your own favorite Spurs nicknames in the comments.

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