Tim Duncan enjoys sending out Google Plus invites


Back in early March, the Onion Sports Network put together a comedic piece on San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan. The piece was a video titled, Tim Duncan autobiography reveals he is friends with 10,000 women.

It was a an entertainment piece used to show that Duncan isn’t the type of athlete that is out to spread his name or his brand, he is there to be the understanding-quiet person Spurs fans have grown to know.

Well, the folks at the O.S.N. are back with another comedic piece. This time they write Duncan is trying to get his entire team on Google’s new social networking site, “Google Plus.” Enjoy!

SAN ANTONIO—For nearly a week, Spurs center Tim Duncan has reportedly emailed his teammates invitations to join him on Google’s new social networking site, Google+. “Please join soon, as I’ve already begun sharing game plans and upcoming events via Google+’s Circles feature,” Duncan wrote in an email Tuesday, adding that team chemistry “may suffer” if people don’t have access to each other’s +1’s. “I’ve pinned the San Antonio Spurs under my Sparks, and you should too as soon as you’ve set up your profiles. And, also, guys, please switch out your old Comcast and Earthlink email accounts for new GMail ones so we can communicate easier via Google Groups.” As of press time, no Spurs player has entered Duncan’s current Google+ Hangout.