‘The Mailman’ would’ve love to have had ‘The Big Fundamental’ as a teammate


They are regarding as two of the greatest power forwards to ever grace the NBA hardwood – San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan and Utah Jazz Karl Malone. Both have dominated the position for years and TD continues to do so until today.

But what if they could have played together? How would two of the greatest power forwards ever co-exsit? Well according to “The Mailman,” he would have loved to have had Duncan as a teammate and playing with each other would have been simple despite the two playing the same position because he says TD has always been a center.

Who’s the one guy you played against that you would’ve loved to have had as a teammate?
Karl: Tim Duncan.
Bill Riley: How would you two have co-existed? You’d have to move him to–
Karl: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Let’s get this right…Tim Duncan is a center. Tim Duncan is not a power forward. So how would we have co-exist? Well, I would’ve played power forward.

Let’s be real Spurs fans, TD has been a center ever since David Robinson retired from the NBA. Sure, the team tried Rasho Nesterovic, Nazr Mohammad, Francisco Elson, and others but TD has mainly been a center for the latter part of his time with San Antonio.

Still, the thought of TD and Malone playing on the same team would have been a devastating duo the likes the NBA probably would have never seen. The pick-and-roll with these two bigs would have been a nightmare for opposing teams and the two would have rolled to many NBA titles.

Though older Spurs fans still might harbor some ill-will towards Malone due to his over-the-top physical style of play and especially when he elbowed “The Admiral” and knocked him out cold during a game.

What do you think Spurs fans? If you consider TD a power forward, does he rank over Malone as the best ever?