The Case For Jeremy Sochan The Point Guard

Jeremy Sochan on the court
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The San Antonio Spurs roster has two significant question marks for next season. First, if Victor Wembanyama wants to play as a power forward, what position do you move Jeremy Sochan to? The second is who will be the starting point guard. Today I want to discuss a scenario that answers both questions with one simple solution, move Sochan to point guard.

We got a taste of what that would be like last season and I think it would be a good fit for the Spurs moving forward. In a recent article, I laid out how Malaki Branham could have a breakout season if he were able to earn the starting point guard position check it out here. Now, let’s make the case for Sochan the point guard.

Big Man Distributors Work

The Spurs will still be rebuilding and developing their young talent next season. It’s the perfect time to experiment with Sochan as the starting point guard. Sochan would play the position more as a point forward.

Think of Nikola Jokic and Domantas Sabonis on offense. This would give Sochan a chance to put his spin on that approach. Initiate playmaking, once the ball is out of his hands he can make cuts for lobs. If Wembanyama or Collins has the ball in the paint he’ll be in a position to crash the boards or take a kick-out 3-point shot. He’ll be able to set screens for Keldon Johnson and Devin Vassell leaving Wembanyama free to roam where he can get his best shot.

Sochan’s 30-Point Game As A Point Forward

Take a look at these highlights from a game against the Suns where Sochan played as the point forward and scored 30 points.

It’s not all roses in the video. Sochan made mistakes, but that’s to be expected for someone learning the position. The 30-point performance also goes to show how effective he can be at the position given time to hone his skills.

If It Doesn’t Work It’s Easy To Move On

If Sochan can’t play that role effectively, the Spurs have other options. They can reinsert Tre Jones as the point guard. Blake Wesley would be a great option if he shows proper growth over the summer. But while the Spurs are developing their young squad it makes sense to try unconventional things like having a point forward. As long as Sochan is improving and not constantly making mistakes this can make for some fun Spurs basketball.

Do you think Jeremy Sochan would do well has the primary ball handler? comment you take below. 


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