The Bradley Beal Trade Gives The Spurs An Enticing Opportunity

Bradley Beal on the Court against the Suns
(AP Photo/Nick Wass)

Phoenix Suns GM James Jones made headlines with the first big trade of the 2023 NBA offseason. Adrian Wojnarowski reported that the Washington Wizards are sending Bradley Beal to Phoenix in exchange for Chris Paul, Landry Shamet, and multiple second-round picks.

This trade signals that Will Dawkins is looking to rebuild in the nation’s capital. There is a lot of speculation on where Chris Paul will land. The common belief is that he will be waived by the Wizards.

But we aren’t here to talk about Chris Paul. Instead, let’s discuss how the Wizards going into rebuild makes a perfect opportunity for the San Antonio Spurs to trade up to a second lottery pick in the upcoming NBA draft.

The Bradley Beal Trade Gives The Spurs An Enticing Opportunity

With the first pick in the 2023 NBA draft, the Spurs have the privilege of drafting one of the greatest draft prospects since LeBron James, in Victor Wembanyama. A player of Wembanyamas talent will be franchise-altering, but the Spurs still have a chance to use their draft capital from the Dejounte Murray and Jakob Poeltl trades to land another top prospect.

With the Wizards going into a rebuild the Spurs may be able to trade a handful of picks to convince Dawkins to trade the eighth pick.

Tre Jones And Blake Wesley: Good Enough?

The Spurs have one glaring perceived weakness in the roster and it’s at the point guard position. Tre Jones outperformed expectations last season, but we can’t forget that he was not the preferred starting point guard.

It was assumed that by mid-season Jones would pass the baton to Josh Primo. However, Primo was waived after a scandal, and Jones took over for the full season.

As the season went on rookie Blake Wesely stepped up as backup point guard.  Unfortunately, he missed a significant chunk of the season due to injury. If Wright isn’t convinced the Spurs have a definite answer at point guard, this would be a great use of the Wizards’ 8th pick.

Prospects like Cason Wallace, Kobe Bufkin, and Jalen Hood-Schifino should still be on the board at 8. Our own Benjamin Bornstein has done a draft analysis on each of them just click on their names to see everything you need to know.

The Other Frenchmen

Wright may think Jones, or Wesley has what it takes to lead the Spurs into the future. If so, there is another player that should still be on the board that is worth trading up in the draft for.

Wembanyama’s former teammate Bilal Coulibaly. At 18 years old he’s a young talent that would be on Wembanyama’s timeline. He has professional experience playing against grown men in the LNB Pro A.

It was clear in the playoffs that Coulibaly was the second-best player on the team. Wembanyama himself said Coulibaly should be a top 5 prospect. Fortunately for the Spurs most draft analysts have him going to OKC at 12th. Perfect if you trade for the Wizards’ 8th pick.

Get Ready For Draft Night Fireworks

I could be wrong about the Spurs going for the Wizards’ pick. However, reports show that they are looking for an opportunity to move up in the draft. Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer is reporting in his draft guide that the Spurs are looking to trade up.

San Antonio Express-News columnist Mike Finger asked Wright if he would package 2 second-round picks to trade up into the first round, Wright said, “Sure, maybe.” In true Spurs fashion Wright is keeping his cards close to his chest.

I think most Spurs fans would be shocked if we turn off our TVs Thursday night with Wembanyama and two-second rounders joining the squad. The Bradley Beal trade gives the Spurs an enticing opportunity to trade up. Will they seize it? Place your bets now: When will the Spurs make their move back into the first-round? Comment your guess below.

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