‘The Admiral’ visits Notre Dame’s basketball team


Back in March, San Antonio Spurs legend David Robinson’s son Corey committed to play football at Notre Dame

The Notre Dame Football team was more than happy to get a top quality wide receiver to join their squad this fall, but the Men’s basketball coach probably didn’t think much of the commitment at the time.

That was until last Monday night. 

"The Admiral" made an appearance, as shown in this tweet, and was giving pointers to the Notre Dame big men.


Knowing David was willing to work with the Notre Dame squad an interesting question arises, given the struggles of the Spurs' big men in the low post during the Conference and NBA Finals the past two seasons, why such a valuable asset has not been brought in to show the Spurs young big men the finer points of the low post game from him on both ends of the floor?

 The last time he taught/mentored a young player, was this rookie from Wake Forrest, and we all know that turned out.

It would behoove the Spurs to see if he would be willing to come in even on a consultant basis (like Hakeem Olajuwan with the Houston Rockets) if being a full time coach is not to his liking.

So Spurs fans, how does having 5-0 sitting on the bench with Coach Gregg Popovich sound?