Spurs news and notes: Hill, Duncan’s ankle, and more


• With San Antonio Spurs’ Manu Ginobili still doubtful after suffering a hyperextended right elbow, George Hil will be the player Gregg Popovich will turn to:

While Popovich expressed a glimmer of hope Ginobili may still answer the bell for Game 1, he seemed resigned to starting the series without him.  “You have a day and half to see if he heals anymore and see what’s going on,” Popovich said. “But at this point, George Hill will be the guy who will start.”

“With or without Manu, George Hill is important to us,” Popovich said. “He’s a fine young player who does a good job at both ends of the court. Manu’s injury has nothing to do with George in that sense. Even with Manu, he’s got to play well for us.” (kens5.com)

• ProBasketballTalk.com lists Hill as the Spurs’ x-factor:

George Hill, San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs count on their bench guys to come in, play the system, defend and knock down shots. Hill does it beautifully. He shot 37.7 percent from three and gave the Spurs 12 points a game, getting big minutes (28 a game). The Spurs bench has been their undoing (well, part of it) in recent seasons and Hill will be key to changing that this time around.

• Express News Tim Griffin says Tim Duncan’s ankle is still not 100%:

Tim Duncan said he is gradually recovering from a sprained left ankle that caused him to miss four games last month. The injury occurred on March 21, leading to a late tailspin that saw the Spurs lose all four games he missed.

• Spurs fans know Memphis Grizzlies’ Tony Allen can slow down Manu Ginobili and can back it up. Check out what he told Miami Heat’s LeBron James:

“My assignment was not to let you score,” Allen was heard telling LeBron on the floor. “And I did not let you score.” (yahoo.com)

• The Atlantic says the Basketball Hall of Fame made a mistake by announcing former Spur Dennis Rodman will be a Hall of Famer:

A great rebounder, Rodman wasn’t the best in NBA history, he contributed far less than most other rebounders of his quality, he left three of five teams he played for unhappy. On teams where he won championships he was – if we’re being generous, and taking his best days rather than his worst – the third best player.

This was a mistake.

• Spurs’ Richard Jefferson is one of many former Arizona Wildcats playing in the NBA playoffs:

This year, Arizona boasts six former players on NBA playoff rosters with three apiece representing the Eastern and Western Conferences, respectively.

The list includes: Gilbert Arenas (Orlando Magic), Mike Bibby (Miami Heat), Andre Iguodala (Philadelphia 76ers), Richard Jefferson (San Antonio Spurs), Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks) and Luke Walton (Los Angeles Lakers). (arizonawildcats.com)

• Former Spurs’ Summer League player, Sean Denison, speaks on his experience with the Spurs:

TND: You had a tryout with the San Antonio Spurs during the summer in Vegas. How did the tryout go? Will you give it another go this summer or are you resigned to keep playing across the big pond?

S.D.: The tryout with the Spurs was a great experience and it’s something I’d definitely do again given the chance. Playing in the summer league was a good way to gauge how well I compare with the up and coming athletes in the NBA and made me realize what I need to work on to get to that level.The Spurs’ program fits well with my play style as well as our team was focused on defence, fast break and team basketball and it was something we really bought in to and it showed as I think we won every game by a considerable margin. Simply put it was just good basketball played at a high level and it was something I thoroughly enjoyed. (thenelsondaily.com)

• Playmakeronline.com talks about the Spurs.