Suns’ Nash reflects on career


Tonight the San Antonio Spurs will end the regular season against the Phoenix Suns, a team the Spurs have repeatedly dashed their NBA title hopes on numerous occasions in the NBA playoffs.

Suns’ Steve Nash has been through all of Phoenix’s heartache against the Spurs. From the Horry hip check (which Nash eventually admitted he flopped), the bloody nose, a Tim Duncan three-point shot, and more, Nash and his NBA title hopes vanished quite often when his Suns faced the Spurs in the playoffs.

Now after a long NBA career which is nearing the end, does Nash feel his career was a disappointment seeing how he never got an NBA title? 

“I guess in some way I would because that’s what I’ve been fighting for all these years. But on the other hand, I think I have a fairly good perspective on it. It isn’t totally in my control, it’s a team game, there’s luck involved, there’s a whole organization involved, front office, team…so I can’t really look at myself and say it was a failure when I feel in many ways I’ve accomplished a lot — mainly building good teams and relationships and playing my butt off every night and trying to win games. So yeah, on one hand if I never get a chance to win one I’ll be very disappointed. But on the other hand I’ll feel really proud of what I have done in my career, and feel like it wasn’t all for naught — it was a great experience, I learned a lot, I grew a lot, I had an opportunity to compete against the best on a nightly basis and made some great relationships. I know that’s probably a Hallmark answer, but there’s a lot of truth to that.”

Spurs fans know that San Antonio had a huge hand in his disappointment but how fitting is it tonight the last team the Suns will see would be the Spurs in the regular season finale.