Spurscast: Spurs interest in Chris Paul?


In Spurscast episode 700, Spurscast host Paul Garcia discusses the Spurs’ reported interest in Chris Paul and he continues to answer questions sent in from fans.

Spurscast Topic Breakdown

Spurs interest in Chris Paul?

According to multiple outlets like ESPN and the Athletic, the Phoenix Suns are most likely moving on from point guard Chris Paul. The Suns will try to find a trade for Paul before his contract for next season becomes fully guaranteed on June 28, and if not, they’ll look to waive him and possibly see if he’ll re-sign for a lower amount next season.

After these reports came out, two days later, the Ringer wrote an article that mentioned the Spurs as a team who could be interested in Paul to be a mentor for the young team while also helping the team transition quickly from a rebuilding team to a team trying to get back into the playoff picture with the addition of Victor Wembanyama.

After digging into how the Spurs can acquire Paul, the two most likely routes are for the Spurs to try to trade for him before June 28, or try to sign him in free agency if he’s waived by Phoenix.

Which Spur will benefit most from Wembanyama’s addition to the team?

This question was sent in from a fan on Twitter and the short answer is Devin Vassell. In the episode, the reasons why Vassell will benefit from Wemby’s addition are addressed.

Can the Spurs put a trade package together for Tyrese Haliburton?

This question was sent in from a fan on Youtube and before addressing this question, it must be noted that Haliburton will likely sign a 5-year extension this coming offseason with the Indiana Pacers.


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