Spurs vs Suns Game 5 and Series Awards


The Spurs made the Suns thier bitches once again, winning the opening round series, 4-1 and next will face the New Orleans Hornets in Round 2 of the NBA Playoffs.  Here are 5 awards for your reading enjoyment.
The MVP for the Spurs in Round 1 has to be Tony Parker.  He sliced up the Suns defense, made outside shots, and kept Nash running on defense.  His numbers are up from the regular season and just flat out caused headaches for the Suns.  Granted Tim Duncan’s heroics in Game 1 is worthy of MVP honors but Parker was the steadier hand for the Spurs in all 5 games.
Non-MVP goes to Ime Udoka.  Ime did not show up at all in this series.  He did not contribute on offense enough for the Spurs, and his defense was so-so. Mike Finley was close but he did hit some shot in the classic Game 1 win.
The “MVP Keeps On Giving” Award goes to Nash.  A back-to-back MVP winner, Nash, did not show up at all in crucial Game 5.  Assists were down in game 5, made numerous turnovers in game 5, and did not show up when the Suns needed him the most.  Turn back in your MVP trophys Nash.
The “Did The Little Things” Award goes to Horry.  Yes he sucks ass but when it was close in Game 5 he did the little things.  He stole the ball from Nash when the game was tight, blocked some shots when needed and was actually good for something for once.
The “Biggest Bitch” Award goes to Amare Stoudamire.  This bitch is the biggest sore loser ever.  He smack talks Duncan when his team is losing, and again like for many years before, leaves the court after the Spurs made the Suns their little bitch once again.  He did not congratulate the Spurs, did not shake hands, nothing!