Spurs vs. Nuggets: Game 2 Live Blog


Ughh, Matt Devlin and Fratello again. I’d prefer Marv and Steve Kerr.
Duncan really needs to come out strong tonight and Manu needs to show up.
First Quarter
Iverson misses first two shots. Hopefully a sign of things to come. But Blake makes first two, both threes.
Finley’s off to a good start. Whew! Blake missed.
Duncan’s taking it straight at Nene. He’s gotta be aggressive tonight for the Spurs to do well, especially if Parker and Manu have bad shooting nights again.
Lots of turnovers and missed shots to start the game.
Devlin just made a comparison between Fiesta and the combo of AI and Melo. Huh??
And the shooting drought continues for the Nuggest. Just over 4 minutes now. 8-0 run by the Spurs.
The drought is over,,,but Tony Parker is back at the line. I love seeing Duncan and Parker getting to the rim so easily. Sign of good things to come I hope.
Denver looks frustrated with all of the turnovers and missed shots. The Spurs look to have all the energy, Let’s see how long they can sustain it.
12-2 run before Camby hits a jumper. Yes, oddly it ends on a Camby jumper from about 19 feet.
Great play to close out the quarter. Manu almost commits a turnover but is able to pick up the ball and dish it to Bowen for a 3 just before time runs out.
Spurs close out the quarter 24-16.
Second Quarter
Robert Horry with the sweet follow slam! Glad he didn’t log a lot of minutes durinf the regular season.
So far AI is 2-10 and Carmelo is 2-7 so far, but the Spurs are going to have to shoot better than 31 percent from the field if they want to build up a lead or if the Nuggets start hitting shots.
It’s only a six point game, but at least Tim, Tony and Finley got some good rest. And Finley cam right back in with 2 pts for 7 total now.
Back to an 8 pt. game with the a slam by Timmy. Oberto’s doing great so far, all due to hard work under the basket.
10 pts by Parler and they seem to have all come in the paint.
Bowen is having a great overall game. 6 points off of two threes and his defense has been a big reason behind the combined 4 of 23 shotting by Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson.
As soon as the Spurs start playing sloppy, Carmelo scores 5 points. Spurs are up 49-41 at the half. For a team shooting just over 30 percent from the field, they have to feel ok only being down 8 points. The Spurs really should have taken advantage of the terrible shooting. You have to think the Nuggets will break out of this slump and ending the half on a 7-0 run probably gives them some confidence.
Keys for the 2nd half:
Take care of the ball. You can’t capitalize on seven Nuggets turnovers when you have six.
Get Manu started: Luckily they haven’t needed him but 1-4 for 2 points is starting to look a lot like last game.
Offensive rebounding: While both teams have 26 rebounds, Marcus Camby and Carmelo have 17 of the Nuggets 26. More offensive boards equals more shots for the Spurs.
Third Quarter
Spurs start the second half with a two by Finley for 10 points total.
Damn Duncan just got his third foul on a bs screen. Nene just oicked up his third as well.
15 points by Duncan. One more than his game one scoring total. He’s getting the better of Nene tonight.
Who knew Oberto would be the better Argentine tonight? Maybe Manu heard me. He just scored 5 straight. If he gets rolling to go along with the kind of games Duncan, Parker and Bowen are having, it’s over.
Carmelo is doing much better in the second half. 11 points so far, but the Spurs are still on top 74-60 at the end of the third.
Fourth Quarter
Manu’s on a tear, now with 15 points.
BIG steal by Bowen to prevent Denver from getting within 10 points.basket here.
8 point game. Spurs need a bucket here. Damn! Iberson 3 to get Nuggs within 6.
4 pt. game with 1 minute left. MANU!!!! with the 2.
Great game. Iverson hits a tough shot and Duncan follows with one of his own. If Camby made the dunk, the Nuggets would be alot closer to a game 2 win. Regardless, even after a bad shooting night, the Nuggets recovered and are playing a competitive game. Still a two possesion game with 27.8 left.
Carmelo had a wide open three and missed it. Spurs ball up 5 and 20.1 left. Finley’s going to the line. The game is over if he hits one. Swish. Finley hots both. 7 pt game with 16.5 left.
GAME OVER! Smith missed the three and Parker’s going to the line, He’s 6-6 at the line tonight. Now 8 for 8. Spurs win game 2 97-88 with the series headed to Denver.
Duncan gets my shiny spur of the game with 22 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 5 blocks. Manu also rebounded with 17 points (most in the second half), 4 rebounds and 4 assists. Carmelo Anthony was the top scorer for Denver with 26 points on 8 for 21 shooting from the field.
Game three is at 7 p.m. Saturday night in Denver