Spurs vs. Jazz Game 3 Live Blog


Starting this a bit late because of the ustrem issues.
Second Quarter
Spurs have got to take care of the ball if they want to win this one in Utah
The Jazz came ready to play and defend their home court
Damn, one of the ABC commentators really hates flopping.
I actually agree with him on the block instead of charge call on Deron Williams.
Jazz making a run, Spurs only up bt 3
GINOBILI!!! for three to quiet the Jazz fans
Spurs ahead 47-43 to end the first half
Third Quarter
Boozer is going right at Duncan and Duncan is giving him his space so he doesn’t pick up his 4th
Tie Game. Duncan gets the 2 and the foul.And he hits it.
Deron Williams is on fire As much as I’m not a Jazz fan in this series, I’ve been a Williams fan since last season, and there’s no doubting that he’s going to be great.
Jazz have the lead 57-56
ABC’s using Google Earth to show Boozer’s path to the NBA
I said in the last episode of the Spurscast that the Jazz would be readyto play in game 3. If this is all they have, I’m not worried. Especially with Tim out. I still have Spurs in 5.
Jazz up by eight, 75-67 to end the third.
Fourth Quarter
Duncan’s back
Good to se Timmy sticking up for his teammates after Okue elbowed Oberto.
Jazz playing good, Spurs can’t it a shot.
Can someone stay on Milsap.
What a bullshit foul call to give Duncan his fifth.
Where’s the D. Maybe I should take back what I said earlier if the Spurs keep playing like this. 16 py. lead by the Jazz. Get EMS over to the Energy Solutions Center to check if the Spurs have a pulse.
Dereon Williams is UNSTOPPABLE.
Hard foul on Tony. That was scary. Clothesline by Fisher. Going for the ball my ass.
Spurs need to check if their manhood is still attached. They need a run like the Jazz have gone on at the end of game 1 and 2.
This game is over. Pop waves the white flag and puts Bonner in.
Ouch. Bonner hit Williams on the screen inadvertantly. Jazz fans think it was dirty, but it was clearly just a hard screen set.
WOW. I’m floored. Why do the Spurs continue to need wakeup calls. This is a beating and the Spurs are to good to get beat this bad by a team that’s not even in the same class as them. Don’t get me wrong, Jazz are a talented team with great leaders in Boozer and Williams, but when it comes to playoff experience and team play, there’s no comparison. Foul trouble by Duncan and poor defense as well as bad offensive execution led to this loss. Hopefully they pull their heads out of their asses and are ready for game four.
Chris Breen is right, this totally changes the complexion of this series, especially now that the Jazz have some confidence and believe they can win.
What an embarrasing loss. I could understand if this was in the regular season, But the Spurs are too good ad too experience a team to let themselves get blown out in a playoff game. Would you expect a team with three championships blow a game by 26 points. Again, if they want to win a fourth this year, they need to start playing Spurs basketball, allthough lately I’m not sure what that means.
Jazz win game three 109-83.

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