Spurs v. Kings Recap


After a loss in Chicago against the Bulls, the Spurs looked to bounce back from the loss and get back on the winning track.  Tonight they played the Kings in the AT&T Center. Did they they pick up the win?

Here is how it went down in San Antonio.

First quarter:

The Spurs started with Duncan, Jefferson, Bonner, Finley and Parker.

Not only was it the return of former Spur Beno Udrih to San Antonio, but a bat was in the house and the game was delayed.

Parker led the way with 10 points as he was scoring in the paint.  And Manu had six points and a huge assist by swatting a bat off the court.  No joke.

At the end of the first Spurs were up 34-27 as Manu hit a last second lay up over his fellow countryman Andres Nocioni.

Second Quarter:

Spurs started this quarter with Hill, Ratliff, Blair, Mason and Finley.  Hill looked very comfortable on the court for SA as he was hitting shots and getting to the rim.  Blair was playing the passing lanes and twice tried to go for steals.  Got to love his hustle as he was diving for loose balls for the Spurs.

At the 8:40 point in the quarter it was Spurs 38, Kings 35.

Finely was hitting his shot, Parker was getting into the paint with ease and finishing at the rim and Blair stole a pass for an easy layup.

At the 5:59 point in the quarter is was Spurs 44, Kings 39.

Jefferson was still attacking the rim but just isn’t finishing at the rim.  Again the Kings were just not stopping Parker from getting into the rim.  He was either scoring or setting up guys like Duncan for easy slams.

The Spurs were displaying great ball movement, either with Parker breaking down the defenders to get in the lane with ease to the rim or dishing out to Bonner and Jefferson for three’s!

Kings on the other hand were not helping themselves.  They committed 11 turnovers and Nocioni shot 1-7 from the field.  Oh and Duncan blocked Kevin Martin’s last second shot before the half.

At the end of the second quarter it was Spurs 61, Kings 45.

Parker led the way in the first half with 16 points while the Spurs scored 32 points in the paint thanks in part to the Kings porous defense letting Parker in the paint.

Third Quarter:

Spurs started with Parker, Bonner, Finely, Jefferson, and Duncan.  While the Kings started with Kevin Martin, Jason Thompson, Sean May, Desmond Mason and Tyreke Evans.

RJ attacked the rim right away and it paid off as he got the “and 1.”  Spurs were making the extra pass for wide open shots.  It was a thing of beauty to watch.

Parker continued to lead the way for the Spurs by hitting outside shots.

At 7:11 point in the quarter it was Spurs 71, Kings 57.

Jefferson continues to look more comfortable for the Spurs.  He had a highlight “and 1” on Spencer Hawes from a pass from Manu.  Speaking of Manu, he sure looks like he hasn’t lost a step.  He was hitting shots and attacking the rim.

At the 2:41 point of the quarter it was Spurs 88, Kings 67.

Ratliff got some extended minutes and showed he still is a defensive presence. He was altering shots, grabbing boards and though got called for goal-tending, he sure can still swat shots.  Blair continued to show his rebounding prowess.

At the end of the third quarter it was Spurs 95, Kings 75.

The Spurs shot 60% from the floor at one point in the third.

Fourth Quarter:

Spurs started with Blair, Mason, Ratliff, Hill, and Jefferson.

RJ is looking much better in a Spurs uniform tonight.  His three point shot was going and right out of the gate he goes to the rim for a basket.  Hill on the other hand was showing confidence in his shooting touch.

Ratliff had a huge block on Brockman rejecting his shot with force.

At the 8:54 point in the quarter it was Spurs 102, Kings 75.

Not good to see if you are a Kings fan.  Rookie Tyreke Evans turns his ankle.  He did manage to walk off but was limping.  He did not come back to hit his free throws.  Hopefully he is OK.

At the 5:37 point of the quarter it was Spurs 106, Kings 83.

You knew it was a win when the Spurs human victory cigar, Keith Bogans, checked in for extended minutes.  It was all Spurs.  Kings got smacked!  And when I mean smacked, I mean the game closes with Ratliff blocking a shot with authority!

Final score was Spurs 113, Kings 94.  Parker led the Spurs with 24 points, 3 rebounds, 7 assists, and 2 steals and Kevin Martin led the way for the Kings with 26 points.  Spurs go to 2-1 for the season and remain undefeated in San Antonio.


  • Great to see Parker shake off his horrible play in the second half of the Bulls game as he led the team by getting in the paint and hitting his outside shot. 
  • RJ finally looks like he is becoming comfortable as a Spur.  He had his best outing with 21 points.
  • Tim Duncan had 7 points and 10 rebounds in 22 minutes of play.  Like to see this to give the big man rest.
  • McDyess did not suit up due to flu-like symptoms.
  • Ratliff may be old but the man can still block shots and be a presence in the paint.
  • Blair continues to impress with his rebounding prowess.
  • George Hill had a nice game.  He looks more confident with his shot, showed he can get to the rim and look for the open man.  He finished with 15 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 2 blocks and 1 steal.

What did you think of this blowout win by the Spurs?  Leave us your comments.