Spurs to unveil new alternative uniforms?


The San Antonio Spurs uniforms have been pretty much standard for years. A basic black, white and silver uniform which exuded a classic, yet stylish look. Of course the Brooklyn Nets and Jay-Z ripped off the look for their inaugural season but it seems the Spurs are set to reveal a new alternative jersey tomorrow according to a report.

Last season, San Antonio went with the Dallas Chaparrals look from the ABA days and it was quite the hit. However, many fans still yearn for the old-school George Gervin jersey look which you can still find many fans wearing it at Spurs game.

Still, many Spurs fans will probably hope the new jersey will not be the horrific metallic, silver jersey the team trotted out seasons ago. Those were just horrible.

What do you have to say Spurs fans? You hoping for a classic Gervin jersey or something radically different?

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