Spurs really don’t like ally-oops

When you are sitting back and watching a San Antonio Spurs game, there is one thing you may or may not have noticed the team not doing much of that other teams do. In fact, the Clippers named their tam after this type of action, "Lob City."  
This just in, the San Antonio Spurs do not throw down many ally-oop dunks. I know, shocking!
Deadspin compiled the chart above showing all the teams in the league and how many ally-oops they have thrown in the past two season.  As you can clearly see, the top of the chart with 255 is the team that dubbed themselves, "Lob City."  Continuing on down the line, and coming in with a whopping, hold on tight, five, yes, five, are your San Antonio Spurs.
Does this really, and truly bother anyone that the Spurs do not throw many lob passes?  Deadspin's title pretty much nails the whole aspect of the what people probably feel about the Spurs – "The Fun-Hating Spurs."  Is that not the truth about how many feel about San Antonio?
Deadspin went on to ask who could find the five over  alley-oops the past few seasons from the Spurs and I did find Kawhi Leonard finishing at the rim last season. Behold! A rare alley-oop dunk from the silver and black.


I do not want to take anything away from any of the other guys on the team but frankly, the ball has to be by the rim to throw it down.  Leonard is so athletic that he can receive a pass away from the rim and still throw it down. Besides, it's not like Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili are spring chickens.
However, with the additions of Jeff Ayres and Macro Belinelli, the two might bring some flare to the court whether it be Ayres slamming one down or Belinelli setting up players for the ally-oop.
Question to our readers – would you like to see San Antonio throw more lob passes or would you rather them continue to do what has made them a dangerous team with moving the ball around and every single player touching it?
One last thing, if you can dig up any videos we would like to see them here at Project Spurs.