Spurs’ Parker thinks more players will head to Europe


As the NBA lockout continues, NBA players are looking at Europe as a viable option should the lockout eat into next season.

Deron Williams made waves when he agreed in principle to play in Turkey and now the question is if other NBA stars will follow and San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker does see other players heading abroad.

“If the strike continues, it may be that the majority of NBA players come to try their luck in Europe.”

As for Parker, he continued to reiterate that he would wait until January to decide whether or not to play for France should the lockout still be in effect. However, as far as the lockout is concerned, Parker put is succinctly.

“I went to the meeting in New York before coming to France. It’s complicated, it would take too long to explain. This is a problem for the rich.”

One of the ripple effects of the lockout is the insurance matters for foreign NBA players. Currently, this issue has not been settled for Parker and although he feels the issue will be settled in due time, he made it clear he, and Bulls’ Joakim Noah, would not play play without insurance.

“But, like me, like others, will not play if it is not insured …”

As for the Olympic qualification tournament in Lithuania, Parker knows what the French National Team must do.

“The qualification for the Olympic Games. There are two ways to do this: either by going to the final or finishing in the top five and then by playing the pre-Olympic tournament.”

(photo: daylife.com)