Spurs news and notes: McDyess to retire, injuries reason for loss, and more


Popovich said Saturday that he expects that Antonio McDyess  will retire after a 15-season career.

  • Buck Harvey (Express News): The end of a season, not of the Spurs. Harvey gives naysayers who say this was the Spurs’ last chance at a title some reasons why it’s still not over and what changes may need to occur.

One of them is Richard Jefferson, who is now as much an issue as he was a year ago. Finally benched Friday after just 10 minutes, Jefferson has no choice but to follow Popovich back to the gym for another summer of personal instruction.

Will Antonio McDyess retire? Can the Spurs possibly resurrect Richard Jefferson after 10 scoreless minutes and a second-half benching? Will Duncan opt out of his contract and perhaps sign a long-term deal at a lower price, as Jefferson did last summer, to create some cap space? Is there any way they can possibly acquire a new, dependable, younger sidekick for Duncan without trading Tony Parker and breaking up the Duncan/Ginobili/Parker triumvirate?

  • Paul J. Webber (Yahoo): Popovich: Top-Seeded Spurs derailed by injuries. Webber discusses how the Spurs were never the same late in the season with the injuries to their two all stars (Duncan and Ginobili).

But Popovich said there’s no getting around that the Spurs were never the same after Duncan sprained his left ankle March 21 against Golden State, sidelining him four games. Three weeks later, Ginobili sprained his right elbow and played the Grizzlies wearing a bulky brace.

Including the playoffs, San Antonio finished the season 6-12 after Duncan’s injury.

Said Randolph, “I wanted to touch the ball every time it came downcourt. I told Mike (Conley), ‘Give me the ball.’”

  • Teresa M. Walker (Statesman.com): Spurs sent packing. Walker covered the game from Memphis and gives her take on the crowd induced Grizzlies defeat.

This time, a third straight sellout crowd cheered every bucket with a couple signs begging the Grizzlies to “Finish Them” in a town in desperate need of a hero.