Spurs news and notes: McDyess to play, Tony Allen thought Manu was faking, and more


• San Antonio Spurs’ Antonio McDyess suffered a neck injury from an accidental hit on the head from Tim Duncan which caused him to leave game three in the second half. Seems McDyess will give it a go tomorrow in game four:

Spurs starting center Antonio McDyess arrived at practice today showing no ill effects from the strained neck he suffered in Game 3. McDyess said he’ll be ready to go in Game 4: “I’m feeling a whole lot better.” (commercialappeal.com)

• Grizzlies’ Tony Allen thought Manu Ginobili was faking his elbow injury:

Got to love Tony Allen. Just told reporters that he thought Manu was faking his elbow injury. “It’s for the birds,” Allen said.

“Everybody is banged up,” Allen said. “You don’t see me running to my PR guy telling him about an injury.”

However, Ginobili says he doesn’t care:

Manu on Tony Allen calling him a faker. “It’s his opinion. I don’t care.”

• ESPN.com says Tony Parker’s struggles against Memphis is of a huge concern:

But Parker’s struggles are the biggest worry, even bigger than Antonio McDyess’ scary late exit after McDyess injured his neck in a tangle with Duncan. With Ginobili already playing hurt thanks to that sprained right elbow, San Antonio needs Parker to win the matchup at point guard. Parker certainly had the flashier shoes in Game 3, switching to his silver space-boot look, but Conley has been undeniably steadier. The next time Parker conclusively wins that matchup will be the first.

• Sporting News says NBA fans could be watching the end of San Antonio Spurs’ Tim Duncan which may also signal much needed changes in San Antonio:

What isn’t funny is the very real possibility that the Spurs are on their last legs. Not only because Ginobili has a right arm injury that continues to bother him, or because 36-year-old Antonio McDyess left the court in excruciating pain with a hand injury during the fourth quarter. (He appears to be all right.)

No, this is mostly about legs — Duncan’s legs.

It’ll be Duncan’s 35th birthday on Monday, but in Game 3 he looked older than that. Dozens of playoff games will do that to a guy.

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