Spurs Necessary Adjustments After Game 4 Win


With their 2017-2018 season on the line, the Spurs put on an exemplary performance to route the Golden State Warriors 103-90 on Sunday in front of an ecstatic San Antonio crowd.

The silver and black put up a fight worthy of remembering as they shot 45.7% and 53.6% from beyond the arc with standout performances from LaMarcus Aldridge (22 pts, 10 reb), Manu Ginobili (16 pts, 5 ast), and Rudy Gay (14 pts, 7 reb). Dejounte Murray also put in some work as he ended with 12 points on 4-8 shooting and 3-4 from 3-point range, an area he showed little comfort in during the regular season.

There are some adjustments they need to keep in mind to get another win against Golden State in Oakland.

Fight Through Missed Calls

There are many occurrences throughout games when players feel they aren’t getting a call they deserve. However, the Spurs are wasting time and energy on fighting for a missed call, sometimes allowing the fast-paced Golden State Warriors offense opportunities in transition, outnumbering the Spurs on defense, leading to a well-executed offensive play. Although it may be difficult, I’d like to see the Spurs use that frustration to stop Golden State from getting an easy bucket. Then, make their frustrations known when the clock is stopped.

More Boxing Out

The Spurs were outrebounded 61-34 in Sunday’s win. Imagine how much more the Spurs could have won by if they had boxed out more effectively and gotten a few more second-chance shots. The Warriors came down with 37 rebounds on defense, while the Spurs ended with a total of 7. By the score at the end of the game, you wouldn’t realize how lopsided the two teams performed on the boards. This is an area the Spurs must capitalize on if they want to get a win in Oakland against this aggressive Warriors team.

The Warriors had an off shooting night shooting only 37.8% and 25% from downtown. If they’re allowed the same chance on the boards on a night they’re shooting well, the Spurs will have to work much harder to get a win.

More Murray and Aldridge Threes

Before Sunday, LaMarcus Aldridge had not shot a three-pointer in the postseason. While he’s taken a few in his day, Aldridge went 3-3 from beyond-the-arc with the last attempt an impressive turnaround, wonderfully-executed pivot foot, circus shot as the shot-clock buzzer went off.

Similarly, Dejounte Murray also put on a nice three-point performance shooting 3-4 from three-point land. The Warrior defense seemed to challenge Murray, double-teaming Aldridge or whoever was down low and leaving the sophomore guard without a defender in sight. While Murray isn’t known as a shooter, the 21-year-old made Golden State realize he’s more than long arms and legs.

Not only were Aldridge and Murray successful from downtown, the Spurs made 15 three-point shots in Game 4, just five less than they had in games 1-3 combined. If they can keep their confidence and poise from outside and continue making good decisions about when to go up for the three, the Spurs have a chance at another win.

Looking Ahead

San Antonio is now down 3-1 in this best-of-seven series against the two-seed Warriors. They head to Oakland to face the Warriors on their home court for Game 5 on Tuesday. With the heart and determination put forth by the Spurs on Sunday, anything is possible for the grieving team who will be under the coaching direction of their assistant coach, Ettore Messina, once again.


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