Spurs kickoff simulated season with win over Bucks


photo: freshnba.comIn a perfect world, San Antonio Spurs fans would be getting their Spurs gear ready and planning the drive down to the AT&T Center for opening night.

Unfortunately, something called the NBA Lockout is preventing that from happening, but our friends over at AccuScore have decided to simulate and project each night’s games.

Tonight the Spurs would be playing the Milwaukee Bucks with the newly-acquired Stephen Jackson.

According to AccuScore, the Spurs would be celebrating their first win tonight and here’s why:

San Antonio Spurs 112, Milwaukee Bucks 98
The Spurs will do what the Spurs do as long as Tim Duncan remains on the team, and this season shouldn’t be any different. Duncan scored 15 points with 9 rebounds and 3 blocks to lead San Antonio to a solid win in the home opener. The Spurs were actually led by Richard Jefferson’s 24 points and 5 rebounds. Rookie Kawhi Leonard would impress with 10 points and 7 rebounds. Brandon Jennings would team up with newcomer Stephen Jackson to score 48 points, but only Andrew Bogut would also score in double-figures for offensively challenged Milwaukee.

Some of the projections seem very accurate, but I’m sure most Spurs fans might question Richard Jefferson leading the team in scoring, but a win is a win.