Spurs’ free-agents. What to do?


The free-agency period officially begins today and it’s time to look at the San Antonio Spurs’ free-agents.

Here are their free-agents: Richard Jefferson, Keith Bogans, Roger Mason, Matt Bonner, and Ian Mahinmi.

Jefferson. With a guaranteed $15.2 million dollars on the table, chances are low he will pass that kind of money up. Right? Think again! Jefferson did opt out of his final contract year with the Spurs. With his lackluster performance in his first season with the Spurs, never living up to expectations, and drawing the ire of Spurs fans, perhaps he might want to find a new team to wipe the slate clean. This does not mean his days are completely over with the Spurs. The team may bring him back. You know Spurs nation is hoping they don’t.

Bogans. Brought on to be the Spurs’ primary perimeter defender, Bogans was serviceable but still wasn’t the player the team was hoping he would be. Expect him to not be with the team next season.

Mason. After coming off a solid 2008-2009 season with the Spurs, Mason had an unforgettable second season with the team. Never cracking the rotation, appeared to have lost his shooting touch, requested to be traded, and was not reliable during the regular season and post season. Also, with the Spurs drafting shooter, James Anderson, Mason’s time with the Spurs is over and expect him to sign with another team.

Bonner. With his ability to knock down the three-point shot and a newly developed dribble-drive move to the paint, he could provide a valuable sign-and-trade piece should the Spurs decide to move him. However, Bonner proved to be a valuable asset during the regular season but again fizzled in the playoffs. With the Spurs financially strapped, will the Spurs use their “Bird Rights” to resign him?  Possibly.

Mahinmi. Can you say draft-day-bust? He never could crack the rotation, is foul prone, and early in his “career” with the Spurs, he has been injury prone. Though he did have a few good games this past season (i.e. against the New Jersey Nets) he never panned out as the athletic big man the Spurs have been lacking. Earlier in the season the Spurs did not pick up his last year on his contract and if that doesn’t speak volumes about his future with the team, then I do not know what will.  There was a report that Mahinmi was signing a contract soon but did not state which team it was. Oh and he also stated he will base his decision on where he would play next on increased playing time.

Well there you go Spurs fans. Time to put on your G.M. hat and decide the fate of these Spurs’ free-agent.