Splitter to play with Valencia until contacted by Spurs


(Photo: Marca.com)As the NBA lockout has tentatively come to a close, the word “tentative” still plays a major role for one San Antonio Spurs player.

“I do not know yet when I have to return to the Spurs”

For San Antonio Spurs’ Tiago Splitter, that “T” word means he may still be able to play a few extra games with Valenica Basket.

“Not up to me when I return. I’m having a great time and there are still a few days, seven, ten or fifteen to enjoy and win games.”

As for the reason Splitter won’t necessarily jump on a plane back to the United States like his fellow teammate Tony Parker? The lockout still isn’t entirely over nor is there a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in place that allows franchises like the Spurs to have communication with their players like Splitter. Not to mention he wants to enjoy his final days in Spain and win with Valencia.

“[I]t is good for all players because we want to play in the NBA but still do not know what the agreement and must have a series of procedures to start all that I do not know how they are going.”

“I want to enjoy and win in my last days with Valencia.”

As Splitter recently scored 15 points in a win for Valenica, he’s very excited a the opportunity to return to the NBA but also to Valenica for welcoming him to their team during the lockout,

“I will always be grateful to Valencia. I stay with the club, with the city and with my teammates because we all have welcomed me very well.”

Marca.com conducted the interview with Splitter in which they also indicate Valenica Basket front office personnel have yet to get any official word from the NBA. They expect Splitter to finish playing at least three more games with the team.

The NBA has given the start date of training camp until December 9th. For Splitter and Valenica, that’s still plenty of time to play games but for Spurs fans and coaches, those are unnecessary games Splitter will be playing as he is now risking injury with a potential season on the verge of coming into play.

One potential good situation is that Splitter is also teammates with Spurs draftee Nando De Colo who plays shooting guard in Europe, Splitter might be able to give the Spurs a scouting report when he does return.