Splitter won’t suit up for Brazil this summer


Tiago Splitter and the San Antonio Spurs will be looking to strike a new deal (if he isn't traded to the Suns) now that the big man from Brazil is now a free agent. The Spurs have made an initial offer but it remains to be seen if Tiago and his camp will accept. And it is because of this that Splitter will not be a part of the Brazilian national team at the World Cup in Spain this summer.

Citing his current contract issues and lack of insurance to play for Team Brazil, Brazilian head coach Ruben Magnano announced the team leaving Splitter off the roster.

[Splitter] is in the process of renewing his contract with the San Antonio Spurs, and thus it is not possible to safely play, and he was obliged to ask the coach Ruben Magnano for a waiver. (via Brazilian site Terra.com.br)

For most Spurs fans, this is actually a good thing. With the deep playoff push last season with San Antonio, Splitter getting rest and time to further develop under the Spurs system will be beneficial. Not to mention, with Splitter sitting out of summer play also reduces the risk of injury and putting the Spurs big man corps depleted.