Silas has a close bond with former Spur Johnson


San Antonio Spurs’ great James Silas’ son Xavier Silas was one of the better offensive players in the college ranks at Northern Illinois. Last season he averaged 22 point per game as a senior.

Now as he is making his way to the NBA and working out for various NBA teams leading up to the NBA Draft, Silas says of all the Spurs players he has a close connection with, it’s former Spurs player Avery Johnson, now head coach of the New Jersey Nets: 

After my roundtable interview, head coach Avery Johnson wanted to see me in his office. As you know my dad, James Silas, was the first to have his number retired with the San Antonio Spurs, so growing up he would take me into the Spurs locker rooms, shoot arounds and practices. Avery Johnson happened to be the starting point guard at the time and ironically enough I formed the closest bond with him out of everyone. What is even more Ironic is that Avery was on the very first Spurs team to win a championship in 1999 and that was the year of the last lockout. I have looked up to him for a long time and It was good to see him in New Jersey doing so well, grab a hug and listen to him praise my game and tell me he thinks I will make it.

Silas is hoping his name will be called at the upcoming draft and if “The Little General” sees Silas making it to the NBA, how fitting would it be for the Spurs to draft the son of the of the franchise’s greatest players.