SI Draft Awards


We at Project Spurs love us some quotes on DeJuan Blair. Sports Illustrated put together a set of draft awards, and we have one of them!

The George Lucas “Phantom Menace” Award

To DeJuan Blair‘s knees, which begrudgingly accept this award from Darrell Arthur‘s
kidney in last year’s draft, and apparently negate the fact that he
dominated the entire Big East for most of last season. No, folks, that
double-double he averaged at Pitt was clearly not worth one of the
draft’s first 36 picks. Definitely a smarter move to let him slip to
San Antonio, where he’ll contribute a ferocious 20 minutes a game and
bolster an already loaded roster. Definitely. At what point do we just
start blaming other teams for the Spurs’ success and stop giving them
all the credit?